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Not produce the liquid. Pee comes out one spot, poo out of another. But for chickens, things are a little different as they don't have the same plumbing that we do. Consequently, they.

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By Tonos - 18:19
I just want to get some clairification as to how chickens urinate. A friend swears that they urinate through their skin. I said NO WAY! LOL Anyway.
By Kagalkree - 20:21
"Birds do not have a urinary bladder or external urethral opening and (with exception of the ostrich) uric acid is excreted along with feces as a semisolid waste.​ However, birds such as hummingbirds can be facultatively ammonotelic, excreting most of the nitrogenous wastes as.
By Zuzil - 19:36 › love-is-in-the-coop-a-guide-to-chicken-rep.
By Dogami - 13:44
Some surprising aspects of chicken mating make it possible for families In contrast birds have no need for a urethra since they don't urinate.

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