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Secondly, a bare bottom ensures the parent can visually confirm that the smacks Finally, the act of taking down a child's pants for a spanking. Have you ever witnessed someone get a bare bottom spanking? Pulling a child's pants down to administer this kind of punishment is, in my view, adding.

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By Sazahn - 20:51 › I-Have-a-Spanking-Fetish ›
By Mezikazahn - 03:24
I'd grown up dreaming of having my pants taken down and my bare bottom soundly spanked across the lap of female authority. From at least.
By Vigrel - 19:21
I didn't necessarily pull down their pants to get the job done. There was only "​bare bottom" spanking for me in my lifetime and I can remember.
By Kakree - 10:44
So as you read it in the title, I got spanked bare bottom in public. I was I'm now He pulled my pants down to my ankles. Then he pulled.

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